Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Post! Why this?

Hello! My name is Jaimicchi!  I've decided to make a loli-blog, inspired by the other amazing lolita fashion bloggers out there :)  This isn't a full intro post, I don't have the layout set up yet!

Why "A Wild Lolita Appears!"? I've been called a snorlax (big, lazy pokemon) a lot in cosplay and lolita fandom.  So I cosplayed a snorlax, and decided to own the phrase ^_^

Why lolita fashion?  I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAAAAYYYY o.o;

Why 'Jaimicchi'?  My real name is Jaime, and a while ago I was into Morning Musume and wanted a cute add-on to my name like a lot of them have adopted!  (Like Nacchi, Sayumin, Eririn, Mariko, Kagochan, ectect).

Any other questions I can answer?  Leave me a comment!  Wish me luck on my first real post and getting my layout set up!

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